The B Corporation Movement in Brazil: A Portrait of Certified Companies

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Rodrigues, Jualiana
Comini, Graziella
Fischer, Rosa María
Dujardin, Florent
Santana Dos Santos, Ana patricia


The B Corporation Movement in Brazil: A Portrait of Certified Companies

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B corporation


Launches in the US in 2007, the B Corporation Movement reached Brazil in 2013 with the aim of accrediting firms with operations that align economic and social goals in response to the growing search for a more conscious capitalism and the creation of shared value. This qualitative descriptive exploratory study aims to identify the type of social impact proposed by certified firms in Brazil based on a content analysis of their missions and theses of socio-environmental changes. Our intention is to verify whether and how the certification is used to establish the communication position of certified firms. Our main finding is that most mission statements do not show consistent support for their theses of social and environmental change, thereby complicating their identification and justification. Not all B Corps seek to solve social and environmental problems as their core business and direct result of their operations and objectives. The main differential of the movement seems to be the ideological positioning of the certified organization, but the seal cannot yet be considered a comprehensive element of social and environmental business certification.